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Wake Up With Gratitude

Jan 17, 2023

Unsure of what was next in her life, Lorena was introduced to a gratitude practice. This practice didn't feel like it would apply to her as an immigrant and it felt like it wouldn't work in her situation. Through a combination of yoga and gratitude practices, she eventually moved out of a depression and dedicated her life in service of others who might find themselves in similar situations.

Lorena has been sharing therapeutic applications and her commitment to holistic and integrated health in English and Spanish for nearly two decades. She’s a Holistic Therapist, Eco-Somatic Specialist, Yoga Therapist and Mindfulness Guide. 

Born and raised in Perú, she is a keeper of the Andean Medicine and Wisdom, and as an expert in trauma informed and grief care and mental health advocate, she mentors and support others' paths, especially those recovering from traumatic events associated with acculturation and immigration journeys.


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