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Wake Up With Gratitude

Dec 20, 2022

How Does Gratitude Help Us Communicate with Animals? (Pam Allen-LeBlanc, Ep. 195)

Do you feel like your animals are communicating with you? Pam Allen-LeBlanc is a master in Animal Communication and Animal Reiki. We talk about the importance of animals in our world and how gratitude plays a role in our connection and communication. 

Pam Allen-LeBlanc is a scientist, a businesswoman, and a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training.  She is the author of "The Reiki Business Book" and a co-author of ICRT Animal Reiki training.  Pam teaches Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Animal Communication online and in-person in Canada, the US, Australia.

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