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Wake Up With Gratitude

Apr 28, 2020

Shari Molchan and I connected for a live interview a few months ago, about how our money mindset is influenced by our environment, and how we can shift it. The messages she shares are even more relevant in today's environment. 

Shari shares how she made the difficult transition from employee to entrepreneur when her role was no longer aligned with her values. She stepped into her authentic leadership (and gave up a 6-figure income) to launch her business. If you're struggle right now to figure out what's next once this pandemic is 'over', Shari's wisdom and guidance is invaluable.

Shari Molchan is a business and money coach who helps her clients sort out their money issues to create more revenue and success in their business. She is the founder of Life Out Loud where she offers masterminds and retreats for female entrepreneurs. She offers her clients 'a soft place to land without judgement'.

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