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Wake Up With Gratitude

Apr 20, 2020

We've turned the tables for this one! Karen Shumka interviews me on my gratitude practices and she asks some tough questions about a recent family challenge I have navigated.

I share how I decided to dive in when some deep sh*t came up in my life, instead of sweeping things back under the carpet once again. I chose to decided that things were happening 'for me' as opposed to 'to me'. It's a critical shift in perspective.

There's a lot happening in this interview and I'd love for you to grab a seat to listen in with us.

I refer to Episode 21 of the Wake Up With Gratitude podcast, the one I did with my husband Daniel Lawrence.

To listen to the episode I recorded with Karen, simply go back one to Episode 41: Finding Gratitude and Being of Service in Network Marketing.

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