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Wake Up With Gratitude

Jan 31, 2023

What I love about gratitude is that it's so simple and easy to do and yet we make it hard for ourselves! This episode with Kelsey Aida is full of wonderful ways to practice gratitude. She has a beautiful passion and drive to make a difference not only for one person at a time, but wants to impact millions around the world. I am certain that Kelsey is on the right path to doing it! 

Kelsey Aida is a bestselling author and transformation facilitator who helps women align with their highest potential and love themselves through the process. She’s the author of more than five books, including… #ActuallyICan, Affirmations for Happiness, Letters to the Universe, My Pocket Guide to Manifestation, and Self-Love for the Modern Woman. She also hosts international self-love retreats and the popular personal development podcast “High Vibin’ It”.


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