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Wake Up With Gratitude

Mar 15, 2022

Have you ever tried to learn a new language? Anesh Daya is a Mindset Language Coach and the founder of On the Spot Language in Toronto, an experiential language learning for International students, based in Toronto Canada. Anesh has built gratitude and expressing appreciation into the ecosystem of the process of language learning. He is a resilient person who overcame many challenges on his journey to building a successful business, and as he puts it, he found ‘gifts in dark packages’.

We discuss: "Itadakimasu" an essential phrase in your Japanese vocabulary. It's often translated as "I humbly receive," but in a mealtime setting, it's compared to "Let's eat," "Bon appétit," or "Thanks for the food." Some even liken it to the religious tradition of saying grace before eating. The uses for itadakimasu extend far beyond food. And though its roots are ancient, saying the phrase before meals is a fairly recent Japanese custom.



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Post-production Audio by Paul Tedeschini

Julie Boyer

Intuitive Biz & Health Coach