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Wake Up With Gratitude

Apr 12, 2022

‘It was a trip my mother will never remember and a journey I’ll never forget.’ – Steph Jagger. When her mom was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, Steph made the decision to take her on a breathtaking camping trip through the mountains. In our interview, Steph shares how this trip was birthed and how her incredible book came to be, not long after their trip was over. We learn about her writing process and how she’s learning to use more feminine energy in her work. Most of all, we talk about how gratitude is weaved into the story and her journey. There is no trip, no book and no learning without a solid foundation of gratitude. I loved this book and encourage you to pre-order – see link below for big box and to support your local booksellers.  

Steph Jagger is a sought-after mentor and coach whose offerings guide people toward a deeper understanding of themselves and their stories. Her work, including speaking and facilitating, lies at the intersection of loss, the nature of deep remembrance, and the personal journey of re-creation. Steph grew up in Vancouver, Canada and now lives and works on Bainbridge Island, WA. Everything Left to Remember is Steph’s second book. Her first, Unbound, was published in 2017.


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