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Wake Up With Gratitude

Apr 23, 2020

Welcome back to the series Gillian Goerzen! Gillian was one of my first guests on Episode 9 where we talked about the Body Positive Movement. In our latest conversation, Gillian and I discuss the prevelence of COVID-19 memes that are promoting unhealthy body image goals and leading many to feel shame about their bodies. Our mental health is paramount right now and dealing with body image issues makes things much worse. Gillian shares some excellent strategies on how to bypass the memes and focus on compassion and self-love.

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Gillian is the founder of the Super You studio and she is leading her Super You Mindset Course starting on May 4th. She is generously offering a sliding scale to make this 4 week online course available for all.…/super-you-mindset-spring-2…

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