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Wake Up With Gratitude

Mar 30, 2020

Are you wondering about how to educate your kids during this COVID-19 pandemic? Jennifer Robinson and I have a candid conversation about how we have been homeschooling our kids, using the Unschooling method. Jennifer's son is a teenager who is almost 17 and they have been Unschooling since September 2019. My daughter is 9, and we have been Unschooling since Feb 2018.

We both share our stories (with permission from our kids) about how we came to the realization that we HAD to take our kids out of school. Different kids, years apart in age, and stories will strikingly similar details. We also share how we did Unschooling before the pandemic and how things have changed since then. 

Our best advice? Take care of their mental health first. And then worry about the 'education'.

Jennifer Robinson is the founder of Butterfly Beauties Self-Care and she has created a beautiful self-care colouring journal that I highly recommend. To connect with Jennifer, you can find her on Instagram:

How are you doing? I'm here if you need a friend and if you'd like to talk more about Unschooling.