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Wake Up With Gratitude

Feb 15, 2022

Surviving a Brain Tumor Using the Power of Gratitude and Optimism (Tracey Purvis, Ep. 167)  

Tracey Purvis went to sleep with a terrible headache and almost didn’t get to wake up to the gift of another day. She shares her harrowing story about how she ignored the signs that might have led to a diagnosis of a brain tumor sooner, rather than almost too late. Tracey has learned to live with her brain tumor, and she is choosing to do so through the power of gratitude and optimism. She’s the author of Gratitude Reciprocates, Lessons from a Brain Tumor. Tracey is a life coach and draws on her 20 years’ experience as a psychiatric nurse, as well as her experiences following four brain surgeries. She lights up when we talk about how powerful a daily gratitude practice can be.

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