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Wake Up With Gratitude

Oct 13, 2020

Ever had the feeling you're spiritually connected to someone you've just met? Sylvia Aguilar and I met through our daily business Power Hour and I knew almost right away that I needed to invite her to be a guest on my podcast. We talk about choosing to lead with love, setting your intentions for the day and how important it is to be a lifelong student of personal development.

Sylvia created the 28 Days of Gratitude challenge and is the host of Despierta, a Spanish language podcast that loosely translates to Awakening. She is part of an amazing group called Dancaholic, where she and her cofounders lead their members in dance, meditation, EFT/tapping and gratitude practices.

Sylvia lives in Monterrey, Mexico and has been inspired to translate her 28 Days of Gratitude challenge - stay tuned!

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And search for her podcast Despierta on your favorite app! Recommended book: Becoming Supernatural

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