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Wake Up With Gratitude

Sep 8, 2020

Julie Cole continues to stay positive and find solutions even during the most challenging times. Her secret? Don't waste time complaining or wallowing in self-pity. I've been wanting to have Julie as a guest on the podcast for a very long time, and our interview is filled with questions she's never been asked before!

As the Senior Director of Public Relations for Mabel's Labels (which she co-founded), Julie is the face of the company and is seen in mainstream media on a weekly basis. And if you haven't heard, Julie's a mom to 6 amazing kids, navigating a co-parenting journey, as well as the complications of having 6 different schools to figure out during COVID-19.

We chat about what is was like to sell their 'baby' to Avery North America (CCL Labels in Canada) and what her role looks like now. Our interview is fun, light-hearted and full of great tips for us to apply in our own lives. I even get Julie to share her gratitude practice - her answer surprised me!

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