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Wake Up With Gratitude

Feb 18, 2020

Diana Reyers is an Author, Editor and Authenticity Coach. We have an absolutely beautiful conversation on how important it is for us to create space for others to tell their stories. Diana also shares how she helped an amazing group of women in recovery to live out their dreams of sharing their stories in a published book. Our conversation really resonated with me and I felt it deep in my heart. She gives us all 'permission' to create as an act of self-love.

Her books can be found on her website: or directly on Indigo online:

Find her on Facebook: Diana Reyers

Diana Reyers is an Author & Editor, Daring to Share Global™ Storytelling & Writing Coach and what she considers her most impactful role, a Human Advocate. She has been practicing Authenticity Coaching since 2009 and is accredited as an Authentic Leadership Global™ Program & Conversation Facilitator supporting others to live in line with their truth.

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